LWM Hackathon: Boosting Research Productivity with dAIEDGE Collaboration

From 4 to 5 April, dAIEDGE was honoured to co-host the LWM Hackathon: Enhancing Research Productivity in collaboration with Humane AI Net, Enfield, Societal Communication in Times of Permacrisis (SCOPE), Start 2 Group and Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz (DFKI). The event was held in person in Kaiserslautern, Germany, bringing together a diverse and talented group of participants.

The hackathon was attended by 24 participants who, distributed in 8 teams, used ChatGPT technology to develop prototypes of innovative tools. The main objective was to make it easier for scientists to create startups quickly and easily. The teams worked intensively over the two days, culminating in presentations of their ideas to a high-level jury composed of academic and industrial researchers, as well as leading entrepreneurs. Among them, our partner DFKI who played a role as a member of the jury.

Outstanding results of the Hackathon
After careful deliberation, the jury recognised the most outstanding teams, awarding prizes to the following proposals:

First Place: Data Scribe

  • Members: Salma Wafa, Olga Zagovora and Lars Krupp
  • Project: A tool capable of summarising related works and obtaining all relevant resources, such as GitHub repositories, among others. This innovative solution makes it easy for researchers to quickly and efficiently access crucial information for their projects.

Second Place: Swanson's Scholarly Insights

  • Participants: Giacomo Zamprogno, Dimitris Alivanistos and Leon Eshuijs
  • Project: Using the Swanson method, this team developed a tool to discover powerful articles and deduce new hypotheses by linking them from different domains. This tool promises to revolutionise the way new ideas are generated in scientific research.

Third Place: Shower Wisdom

  • Participants: Hend ElDamaty, Michaela Vollmer and Jan Tauberschmidt
  • Project: An innovative tool designed to capture thoughts during showers and provide quick audio feedback on the feasibility of these ideas. This creative solution addresses the need to capture and evaluate ideas at unexpected moments.

The LWM Hackathon: Enhancing Research Productivity was a resounding success, demonstrating the power of collaboration and innovation in advancing scientific research. dAIEDGE's participation, along with our partners, underscores our commitment to fostering an environment where technology and creativity come together to solve complex problems and open up new opportunities.

We thank all the participants, organisers and jury members for their dedication and effort. At dAIEDGE, we will continue to support initiatives that drive productivity and innovation in research, contributing to the development of technological solutions that transform the way we work and live.