dAIEDGE participates in HiPEAC2024 with the Driving Next-Gen Edge AI Technologies workshop

AI technologies at the edge are advancing significantly across diverse sectors as industries discover new ways of harnessing their potential to optimise workflows, automate processes and unlock unique opportunities for innovation, while addressing concerns such as efficient computational processing, latency, security, availability and cost reduction.

dAIEDGE in Hipeac2024

In this regard, the "Driving Next-Gen Edge AI Technologies" workshop was held within HiPEAC2024, where dAIEDGE participated as co-organiser, together with Chips JUE, EdgeAI, ANDANTE-AI, REBECCA KDT JU, CLEVER-project, NeuroKit2E European Project. The workshop was organized with the purpose of exchanging ideas to deliver a set of comprehensive benchmarking solutions. It brought together a diverse community of experts, researchers and industry leaders who collectively addressed the complexities of edge AI benchmarking.

dAIEDGE in Hipeac2024

Representatives from dAIEDGE partners SINTEF were involved in organising the workshop, which included presentations and panel discussions. The participants were able to share their ideas, research results and best practices to drive the future of edge AI. The latest developments in the application of AI technologies at the edge were addressed during the event, and advances in embedded smart devices were explored.

 This session identified the current needs and issues that hinder the benchmarking of edge AI systems and developed methodologies and tools that enable fair and reliable verification, validation, testing and performance evaluation across a variety of use cases and domains.

 It was an exciting workshop that delved into innovation in edge AI, exploring the fusion of artificial intelligence, edge computing and the internet of things (IoT).