dAIEDGE participated in the 4th IEEE Workshop on AI hardware, testing, reliability and security AI-TREATS

The dAIEDGE project co-organised the 4th successful IEEE Workshop on AI Hardware: Test, Reliability and Security (AI-TREATS), which was held from 23-24 May 2024 in The Hague, Netherlands. This event coincided with the 29th IEEE European Test Symposium, providing an ideal platform for the exploration of the latest developments in the security, reliability and testing of artificial intelligence hardware.

The workshop brought together numerous researchers and industry professionals, presenting a total of 15 papers. These included a keynote address by Prof. Yanjing Li from the University of Chicago, USA, who offered an innovative perspective on the challenges and opportunities in AI hardware trustworthiness.


One of the highlights of the event was the panel discussion on Networks of Excellence in Edge AI in Europe. Our coordinator, Alain Pagani, participated together with Mateo Sonza Reorda from Politecnico di Torino, Italy (FAIR project), and Ovidiu Vermesan from SINTEF, Norway (EdgeAI project). During this session, Alain Pagani presented the dAIEDGE project, highlighting the key aspects and contributions of our Edge AI Network of Excellence.
The workshop was chaired by Annachiara Ruospo from the Polytechnic of Turin, Italy, and Haralampos Stratigopoulos from the Sorbonne University, France. This event was made possible thanks to the co-sponsorship and co-organisation of the FAIR, dAIEDGE and EdgeAI projects, which joined forces to provide a space for exchange and learning on the reliability and security of AI hardware.

The 4th IEEE Workshop on AI Hardware: Testing, Reliability and Security (AI-TREATS) provided a valuable opportunity for researchers and practitioners to share their knowledge and discuss challenges and advances in this crucial field. We thank all participants and organisers for their contribution to the success of this event and look forward to continued collaboration on future initiatives to advance AI technology in a secure and reliable manner.