Workshop on edge AI functional and non-functional requirements

We invite all interested in exchanging ideas and discussing edge AI future technologies, applications trends, and developments to register for the Edge AI functional and non-functional requirements workshop in Dresden on 11 April 2024.

 The roundtable on edge AI functional and non-functional requirements is an expert workshop involving representatives from dAIEDGE and other European projects and initiatives for exchanging ideas and concepts, discussing future trends to develop a roadmap for next-generation edge AI technologies and applications, and creating links among the ecosystem players to support the EC and the edge AI constituency to identify the strategies for future developments in Europe. 

 The workshop addresses edge AI research and innovation advancement by providing scientific and technological progress and identifying roadmap topics to synthesise the state of research, trends, visions, and innovation demands for next-generation edge AI concepts. Edge AI must interface with many other scientific disciplines and address topics of common interest as a multidisciplinary domain. These include cognitive edge AI, neuromorphic edge AI and swarm intelligence, and require a focus on architectures, energy efficiency, contextual computing, computational collaboration, virtualisation, miniaturisation, and the edge continuum processing towards federated, distributed and parallel computing. The edge AI roadmap will support the EC and the European edge AI stakeholders in defining priorities and identifying uncovered gaps.

 The event is free of charge, and you can register here.

Date 11/04/2024

Dresden, Germany

Modality On-site