We invite you to participate in the Fourth Community Workshop 2024!

On behalf of dAIEDGE, we would like to invite you to the Fourth Community Workshop 2024 which is co-organised by all European Networks of Excellence Centres in AI, Data and Robotics (NoEs) and will take place on 26 and 27 June 2024.

Join us in discussions on what has been done in the past four years by our community to foster collaboration in AI Research in the EU and the future of AI research and its impact on society.

The Fourth AI Community Workshop 2024 is a great opportunity to learn and connect with leading experts. The event is open to a broad audience - register for online attendance and do not miss this chance to be part of the conversation.

This two-day event offers:

  • Keynote address on the future of AI research & innovation.
  • Panel discussions on various topics like AI education, training AI expertise for Europe, and the impact of AI on media.
  • Parallel workshops on AI safety, interdisciplinary AI, generative AI, and more.

Key Dates:

  • 26 June 2024: NoE Community Workshop
  • 27 June 2024: AIDA Symposium "AI Education Beyond Borders"

More information about the agenda: https://www.vision4ai.eu/community-workshop-2024/

Registration for online attendance:  https://www.vision4ai.eu/community-workshop-2024/#register

Stat date 26/06/2024
End date 27/06/2024

Thessaloniki, Greece

Target audience General
Modality On-line